What Reasons Justify the Need to Invest in High-Quality Branded CCTV Systems?


A security camera is something that instills a sense of security by keeping an eye on things – it could be anything like property, stores, loved ones, pets, business etc. They are the glassy, unblinking eyes that keep a vigil on the area they are installed in and remember everything they see subject to the permission of their memory space.

CCTV cameras come in various models having varied features. For areas that are critical for the security of a large number of people or are of national importance, it is always recommended to invest in high quality branded CCTV systems.

Here are a few reasons that justify the investment in high-quality CCTV systems.

Less Vulnerable

A low-quality system, besides capturing low-resolution images, will also have a lot of vulnerabilities of its own like hack password, susceptible to tampering, and backdoor exploiting. A high-quality system will have less vulnerability as they are continuously monitored and updates are released to plug any threat that surfaces.

 Image Quality

A good and clear image quality is required when investigating a crime or trying to nab a suspect. The image quality depends on a lot of factors like the resolution of the camera, signal processing methods, visualization, and parameters of transmission lines and recording. Whenever you need to identify a person or a car number plate, a high-resolution camera is required.

In wide-area networks, the video signal deformation should also be considered. Signal quality stays good when using a copper cable for up to 350m. If using analog signal transmission for over 1 km, fiber optic transmission is required. The choice of a recorder and the recording method also impacts the image quality. High-quality systems use digital recordings on HDDs, which keep the quality of recordings intact despite being played multiple times.

Detailed Observation

There are areas that require detailed scrutiny and the high quality branded stuff provides exactly the same. They implement movable, remotely-controlled unit of controlling the zoom, focus, and iris of the lens, and actuators changing the position of the camera using the pan and tilt mechanisms. This results in getting clear images of wide areas with fine details.

The quality and detailing of images recorded with fewer vulnerability issues totally justifies the investment in high-quality branded CCTV systems.